1. Parents & Grand Parents

BrainBoosters has a parenting programme consisting of books, toys and parenting skills training for children from birth to 6 years.
This is the online shop where you can buy one or more of the 12 BrainBoosters modules. Each module consists of 5 kits and 5 developmental toys. Each kit covers a certain theme and assists with the development of selected parenting skills. There are two modules per age group.

Browse the age group categories above to find the modules applicable to your children.

2. Daycares

Our Play & Learn programme is a 30 minutes per day cognitive year programme. We provide carefully selected toys, books and posters in six themes for the caregiver/teacher. We use a unique methodology, which shows remarkable results in a short period. We empower poorly skilled caregivers/teachers by providing non-academic training with a picture-driven poster instead of a manual. We also provide affordable parent packs. The parent packs are available to parents without the full Play & Learn container. This allows parents to help and encourage the potential for their child's growth.

3. Gr R, 1 & 2 Mathematics

The BrainBoosters Grade R, 1 & 2 Mathematics consists of a unique methodology that utilizes a concrete interactive teaching method, which involves all learners, not just one child at a time. This method provides instant feedback to teachers and all learners in a non-threatening way, making learning easy, fast and fun. Use our Open Source Learning and Training website: www.brainboostersacademy.co.za OR contact Lizanne van Wyk for our SACE accredited training.